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Defective Products

Tinley Park Lawyer for Victims of Defective and Dangerous Products

Dangerous ProductsAt Fotopoulos Law Office, we believe that all consumers have the right to expect the products they use every day to be functional, safe, and free from defects that could cause injury. When products do not live up to these expectations, the companies that manufacture and distribute them may be held liable for any injuries that may result. Our team provides trusted counsel and aggressive representation for victims who have been injured by defective or dangerous products. We will remain at your side, working to hold negligent parties accountable and to get you maximum compensation under the law.

Legal Representation for Dangerous Product Cases in Oak Forest and Palos Heights

The average person comes into contact with thousands of consumer products on an average day. Some of these products make life easier or more fun, while others are meant to help improve personal health and hygiene. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for the manufacturers of consumer products to cut corners, skip testing, or cover up potentially dangerous problems with their products. In other words, these companies have placed an emphasis on profit over your safety and that of your family.

Each year, more than one million victims receive medical treatment related to injuries caused by dangerous consumer products or medical devices, including:

  • Toys;
  • Children’s car seats;
  • Furniture;
  • Cars, trucks, and auto parts;
  • Household appliances;
  • Cleaning supplies;
  • Decorative items;
  • Firearms;
  • Prescription drugs;
  • Medical products, including artificial joints;
  • Vitamins or supplements; and
  • Prescription drugs.
Product Liability Attorney in Joliet and Mokena

There are three basic types of defects that can cause injury to a consumer:

  • Design Defects: A product with a design defect is one that was doomed from the beginning. Design defects occur as the product is being developed, and they affect the entire line of a given product. Proper testing protocols are intended to catch design defects. An example of a design defect would be a toy intended for children that poses a choking hazard.
  • Manufacturing Defects: A product with a safe design can sometimes be manufactured improperly, giving it a manufacturing defect. Manufacturing defects are often caused by poor oversight, inadequate quality, incorrect materials, and substandard or counterfeit parts. Using the wrong type of screw to hold mechanical parts together could be an example of a manufacturing defect.
  • Failure to Warn: Some products are just dangerous, regardless of how safely they are designed or manufactured. Cutting and chopping tools, for example, always present some risk, especially if they are not used properly. It is up the manufacturer to provide clear instructions and warnings regarding the potential dangers of such products.
Dangerous Drugs Attorney in Homer Glen

Millions of Americans take prescription drugs every single day, but such medications also carry some dangers. Even when they are used as directed by a doctor, serious side effects can cause major problems. Drug manufacturers are supposed to be accountable for testing their drugs. They must also reduce any risks and notify doctors and patients of any risks that remain, including the risk of addiction or abuse. If you or a loved one has been harmed by a prescription drug, we can help you take action. At Fotopoulos Law Office, we will not be intimidated by large drug makers, and we will work hard to hold them responsible for the injuries they cause.

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If you have been injured by any type of dangerous or defective consumer product, contact our office. We are proud to offer a free, no-risk consultation with a skilled product liability lawyer. Call 708-942-8400 today. With locations in Orland Park and Joliet, we proudly serve Tinley Park, Palos Heights, Alsip, Oak Forest, Mokena, Homer Glen, Will County, and Cook County.

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John Fotopoulos is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney. I am a client and have referred him many close friends and family to John. I would recommend John Fotopoulos to anyone who needs help with personal Injury and criminal justice. I have know John Fotopoulos for over 15 years and he has always put his clients first. Colette G.
John is one in the most professional attorneys out there. His personal approach to his clients is amazing. He does whats best for you, even if its not what you want to hear. This approach and his availability to be reached whenever you need him, makes John the only attorney youll ever need. Mark
John is very dedicated to his clients and his work. He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. It is hard to find a lawyer that you can trust and depend on, John is that lawyer. He goes above and beyond to make the most difficult times less difficult. Kris T.