How can an Illinois Order of Protection Affect Me?

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Unfortunately, domestic violence is a fairly common occurrence in the U.S. According to the National Domestic Violence Hotline, there are more than 12 million people who experience some form of domestic violence each year. Domestic violence is a crime that is taken very seriously in Illinois and is punished accordingly. There are options available to victims of domestic violence to help combat their situations, such as getting an order of protection against the abuser. An order of protection is a legal document signed by a judge that requires the alleged abuser to stop further abuse and to stay away from the victim.

Contents of an Order of Protection

When someone requests an order of protection against you, the judge will decide what kind of stipulations are in the order. There are many things that can be required or prohibited in an order of protection. Orders of protection can prohibit you from:

  • Harassing, intimidating, stalking or abusing the person who requested the order;
  • Entering or remaining in your residence;
  • Being in the presence of the person who requested the order;
  • Going to the person’s school, residence or workplace;
  • Taking, transferring or concealing certain property;
  • Possessing a firearm;
  • Having contact with minor children;
  • Accessing your minor children’s records; and
  • Entering or remaining in your residence while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

An order of protection can also require you to:

  • Attend counseling;
  • Give the petitioner temporary physical possession or legal custody of the children;
  • Appear in court, either alone or with a minor child;
  • Relinquish certain property to the petitioner;
  • Pay any child support or spousal support that is legally required;
  • Pay for losses resulting from abuse; and
  • Turn your weapons over to a law enforcement agency.

A Cook County Domestic Violence Defense Attorney Can Help

Being accused of a crime is never good, but being accused of domestic violence can impact your entire life. Not only will you have to abide by an order of protection if one is entered against you, but you will also have a criminal record created and your friends, family, employers, coworkers, and others may learn about the charges. If you are facing a domestic violence charge, you need to immediately contact an Orland Park domestic violence defense lawyer. At the Fotopoulos Law Office, we can help you fight domestic violence charges and keep your life as normal as possible. Call our office today at 708-942-8400 to schedule a free consultation.


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