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If you have been in an accident, you realize that it is not just the physical injuries you have suffered that can make your life challenging. You may have missed work, and you may not know when you can start earning a paycheck again. You may be missing family and social events. You may even face lingering uncertainty about whether your injuries will ever completely heal. These are all normal concerns, and they can be overwhelming. On one hand, you may want to pursue justice for what has happened to you, but on the other, it may seem like doing so will only add to your stress.

That is where Fotopoulos Law Office can help. For decades, we have helped accident victims bring personal injury cases against those who were responsible for their injuries. Once you bring us on board your case, we will take over all the heavy lifting while keeping you as involved as you want to be. We want you to be comfortable with the process. So, when we come to you with an important decision you need to make about your case, we will also come prepared with all the information you need as well as our thoughtful advice.

Types of Cases Our Mokena Personal Injury Lawyer Handles

At Fotopoulos Law Office, we represent clients who have been injured in all types of accidents. While we handle almost every type of personal injury case, residents of Mokena seek our assistance most often with the following matters:

Regardless of the type of accident that caused your injuries, Attorney Fotopoulos is immediately available to help you understand your rights and get started pursuing the compensation you need to get your life back on track.

Will I Need to Go to Court if I File a Mokena Personal Injury Case?

Approximately 5 percent of personal injury cases go to trial. So, chances are you will not need to go to court because, far more often than not, insurance companies tend to want to settle these cases rather than risk a jury handing down a large award at trial. In a personal injury settlement, you agree to accept a certain amount of money, usually from an insurance company, in exchange for agreeing not to pursue your case.

How Much Should I Expect From a Personal Injury Settlement?

Personal injury cases vary widely in terms of damages, and it is nearly impossible to provide an accurate estimate of what a settlement would be without a detailed review of the case. However, as a general rule, an insurance company will consider the following factors when coming up with a settlement figure:

  • The medical expenses you have already incurred
  • The likely need for medical care in the future
  • Whether you missed work or can no longer work because of your injuries
  • Whether you shared responsibility for the accident
  • Whether you experienced significant trauma, scarring, disfigurement, pain, or suffering as a result of the accident

At Fotopoulos Law Office, we take the time to identify the full extent of your damages from the very beginning of your case. That way, when the insurance company comes back with a settlement figure, you know what will be a good offer and what you should accept.

Speak with a Mokena Personal Injury Lawyer Today

At Fotopoulos Law Office, we recognize the challenges that you face as a victim of a recent accident, and we are here to help you through the process in any way we can. With more than two decades of legal experience, including spending several years serving as a judge in Cook County, Attorney John Fotopoulos is a natural choice to represent you through negotiations with the insurance company and, if necessary, at trial. We offer free consultations and take cases on a contingency basis, meaning you will not pay a dime for our representation unless we can connect you with financial compensation. To schedule a free consultation and speak with a Mokena personal injury attorney about your case today, give our firm a call at 708-942-8400. You can also connect with us through our secure online contact form.

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