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When you are facing criminal charges in Will County, IL, you can protect your rights by working with a lawyer who will provide you with effective representation and help you understand the ideal defense strategies. Attorney John S. Fotopoulos formerly served as a Circuit Court Judge in Cook County, and he has unrivaled experience in criminal law. Combined with his keen negotiation skills and attention to detail, this experience gives Attorney Fotopoulos the ability to successfully advocate on behalf of his clients at every stage of the legal process.

Addressing Criminal Charges in Will County

Getting arrested for a crime is an incredibly stressful and traumatic experience. However, an arrest is only the first chapter in what can turn out to be a very long story. It is essential that anyone charged with a crime in Will County consult with an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Attorney Fotopoulos represents clients in all types of misdemeanor and felony cases, including:

  • Assault and battery - Illinois distinguishes between assault, which involves threats or actions that cause someone to fear that they will suffer harm, and battery, which occurs when someone inflicts injuries or makes physical contact with someone else. We can help address these types of charges and defend against misdemeanor or felony convictions.
  • Domestic violence cases - Accusations of abuse or other forms of violence against family members, people who have been in a romantic relationship, or people who live in the same household can be very serious. Our team understands the nuances of these cases, and we can provide thoughtful defense strategies to mitigate the potential penalties associated with them.
  • Drug charges - We can help clients address accusations of drug possession, delivery, manufacturing, trafficking, and other related charges. The type of charges a person may face in these situations will depend on the types and quantities of drugs and other circumstances involved in a case.
  • DUI - Our team can provide an aggressive defense against charges involving driving while intoxicated by alcohol or drugs, focusing on the specifics of each case to fight for a favorable outcome.
  • Sex crimes - Allegations of sexual assault, child pornography, and other sexual offenses can have serious consequences. We provide aggressive defense for clients who have been accused of any type of sex crime while also working to protect their reputations.
  • Traffic violations - We regularly help clients with speeding tickets, reckless driving, and other moving violations. Depending on the severity of the violation or if multiple offenses are involved, charges may result in fines, driver’s license suspension, or other penalties.
  • Gun and weapons offenses - Charges involving firearms and other types of weapons can range from misdemeanor offenses to felonies, depending on the type of weapon, whether a person is a convicted felon, and other factors. We provide experienced defense for those who have been charged with offenses related to the possession or use of weapons.

Regardless of the charges you are facing, the evidence against you or the length of your criminal record, Fotopoulos Law Office will develop a compelling defense while fighting to protect your rights at all times.

Civil and Family Law Mediation and Arbitration in Will County

People involved in legal disputes may need to determine how they can resolve legal claims outside of court. Arbitration and mediation are two methods of doing so, and they involve both sides of a dispute presenting their case to a neutral third party. However, arbitration will typically result in decisions that bind the parties, whereas mediators may encourage the parties to work together to come up with workable solutions that will be satisfactory to both parties.

These forms of alternative dispute resolution are efficient ways to resolve many cases, and they can save both sides time, money, and effort. However, the parties involved in disputes can benefit by working with an experienced negotiator throughout these proceedings. Attorney John Fotopoulos can provide representation for people involved in disputes, helping clients obtain the results they are looking for in difficult family law and civil cases.

Reach Out to Our Will County Criminal Defense Attorney

If you are facing pending criminal charges, the stakes are incredibly high. With decades of experience as a lawyer and judge, Attorney John S. Fotopoulos knows what it takes to obtain the results you are looking for. At Fotopoulos Law Office, we handle all types of criminal defense cases on behalf of clients in Joliet, Naperville, Aurora, Plainfield, Romeoville, and throughout Will County, Illinois. To arrange a complimentary consultation, give our office a call at 708-942-8400 or connect with us by filling out an online contact form.

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