Understanding Criminal Sexual Abuse in Illinois

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IL defense lawyerCriminal sexual abuse is a serious offense that deeply impacts the lives of those who suffer from such abuse. This is a crime that has severe legal consequences for perpetrators. In Illinois, the law defines and addresses various forms of sexual abuse, aiming to protect people from harm and provide justice to those who are sexually abused. If you are facing charges related to criminal sexual abuse, retaining an Illinois defense lawyer is a wise first step as you look to fight these charges and move on with your life.

Defining Criminal Sexual Abuse 

Under Illinois law, criminal sexual abuse encompasses sexual acts committed against another person. The offense involves engaging in sexual conduct without a person’s consent or when a person is unable to give consent due to age, mental incapacity, or intoxication. 

Forms of Criminal Sexual Abuse 

The Illinois criminal code identifies several acts that constitute criminal sexual abuse, including:

  • Non-consensual sexual penetration – This involves the act of inserting a body part or an object in the person’s sex organ or anus without their consent.
  • Non-consensual sexual conduct – This includes any contact between the sex organs, anus, or breasts of the perpetrator and the person without the person’s consent. 
  • Sexual abuse of a minor – Engaging in sexual conduct with a minor, even if consensual, is considered criminal sexual abuse due to the person’s status as a minor.

Legal Penalties 

The penalties for criminal sexual abuse in Illinois depend on the specific circumstances of the offense. Factors such as the age of the person, the use of force or coercion, and the presence of aggravating factors can influence the severity of the charges. Generally, criminal sexual abuse is classified as a Class A misdemeanor, which can land you in prison for up to one year if you are convicted. However, if the offense involves a minor or aggravating factor, it can be elevated to a felony, carrying more severe penalties.  

Seeking Legal Help

If you are facing criminal sexual abuse in Illinois, it is crucial to seek immediate legal representation. They will analyze the evidence, challenge the prosecution’s case, and work toward minimizing the potential consequences you may face. Criminal sexual abuse, especially against minors, is considered particularly vile and will thus be prosecuted aggressively. Without a lawyer, you are putting yourself in serious legal jeopardy. 

Contact an Orland Park Criminal Defense Lawyer

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