Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse

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As the average lifespan has increased, so has the elderly population in the United States. According to the United States Census Bureau, there were estimated to be nearly 50 million Americans who were age 65 or older in 2016. With the rapidly growing elderly population, more round-the-clock care is needed, which is why nursing homes are popular options for people. There are nearly 1.4 million elderly Americans in nursing homes, and unfortunately, a good portion of them will experience some sort of neglect or abuse while in an assisted living facility.

Signs of nursing home neglect can be easy to spot once you know what you are looking for. Here are a few common warning signs that your loved one might be experiencing nursing home abuse or neglect:

Emotional or Psychological Changes

While this may not the most obvious of signs, it is perhaps one of the most serious indications that your loved one is being neglected. You know your loved one best - if you notice any alarming changes in their behavior, you should be suspicious. Watch out for signs such as:

  • Not participating in activities
  • Being antisocial or withdrawn
  • Agitation
  • Changes in mood or sleep pattern

Poor Personal Hygiene

In many cases, people in nursing homes need help with daily caretaking functions, such as personal hygiene. Nursing home staff are expected to help residents go to the bathroom, bathe, brush their teeth and hair, and get dressed. If you notice that your loved one is often unbathed or wearing dirty clothes, you may need to look into their care a little further.

Unexplained Bruises or Other Injuries

Perhaps one of the most disturbing indications of nursing home negligence are signs of physical abuse or neglect. If your loved one is not receiving the care he or she needs, this is when injuries from slips or falls can happen. You should be concerned if your loved one has unexplained bruises, cuts, bed sores, or broken bones. These can also be a sign that something more malicious is happening behind the scenes.

A Tinley Park, IL Nursing Home Neglect Attorney Can Help

When you put your loved one in a nursing home, you did so with the intent that they would be getting better care than you could give them on your own. It can be disturbing to find out that they have been suffering at the hands of their caregivers. If you suspect that your loved one might be experiencing neglect or abuse in their nursing home, you need to immediately contact a Cook County nursing home abuse lawyer. At the Fotopoulos Law Office, we understand that you want the best for your elderly loved ones. Our experienced staff can help you build a case and pursue the compensation that your family deserves. Call our office today at 708-942-8400 to schedule a free consultation.


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