What are Some Common Injuries After an Illinois Motorcycle Accident?

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Riding a motorcycle is a popular form of transportation for many Americans, especially as the weather gets warmer. Unfortunately, with the rising temperatures, traffic fatalities also tend to rise, especially for motorcyclists. According to information from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), there were more than 5,100 motorcyclists killed from traffic crashes in 2017, with thousands more who suffered injuries. Even in motorcycle crashes that do not involve fatalities, the injuries can be very serious and can have a lifelong impact on the victim.

Types of Motorcycle Accident Injuries

There is a wide range of injuries that could occur after a motorcycle accident. The type and severity of injuries that occur depend on the circumstances of the accident, such as what the motorcyclist was wearing at the time of the accident, whether or not he or she was wearing a helmet and the type of crash that occurred. In many cases, injuries are more severe if the motorcyclist was not wearing protective gear when they got into the accident. Here are a few common motorcycle accident injuries:

  1. Broken Bones: Many times, motor vehicle accidents involve broken bones. In the case of motorcycle accidents, broken bones are common because the motorcyclist has little to nothing to protect themselves during the accident. Broken bones are often easy to identify because a person’s movement is typically limited or comes with intense pain if a bone is broken.
  2. Road Rash: Another rather common motorcycle accident injury is called road rash. This type of injury is a skin abrasion that occurs when a person’s skin comes into contact with the asphalt and is scraped off. Road rash can occur in degrees of severity and appears in many motorcycle accidents, from minor to severe crashes.
  3. Head Injuries: Head injuries are always possible from a motorcycle accident because of the exposed nature of a motorcycle. Other passenger vehicles provide protection from the outside because of the metal frame surrounding the occupants. Motorcyclists do not have such protection and can suffer head injuries if they are jostled around or if their head comes into contact with something else. Concussions are common with and without helmets, though the lack of a helmet often means head injuries are much more serious and could even be life-threatening.

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