What to Potentially Expect with a Third DUI Charge

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Orland Park DUI lawyerIn Illinois, a third DUI charge means facing prosecution for aggravated DUI, a Class 2 felony. If convicted, this triggers severe penalties, including mandatory jail time or extensive community service. Understanding the serious implications ahead for your rights, finances, driving privileges, and the personal record is essential as you navigate fighting aggravated DUI allegations. An Illinois DUI attorney can help navigate the steps as you move forward with this repeated charge.

Facing a Longer Jail Term

Aggravated DUI prosecution means courts can impose jail sentences of up to seven years upon conviction compared to 364 days previously. Judges must order a minimum incarceration of ten days or 480 hours of community service. For blood alcohol content (BAC) over .16, 90+ days in jail is mandatory. Be prepared for the disruptive reality of more extended incarceration hampering jobs, income, and families.

License Revocation

After two prior DUIs, the Illinois Secretary of State typically issues a 1-year suspension. Now, with a third charge, they will pursue revoking your driving privileges altogether for ten years upon conviction. This severely impacts daily life and commuting options across those years. Having no license can also interfere with job eligibility in many occupations. It is essential to try your best to seek lesser charges. While there is no guarantee, you can still try and see what charges you can get reduced.

Probation and Court Oversight

If you avoid maximum jail time, expect intense probation lasting multiple years with strict terms plus alcohol counseling, community service requirements, and fines potentially reaching $25,000 overall. Repeat DUIs show a lack of lesson learning in the courts’ eyes, so judges impose tighter control. This includes close monitoring of your movements and alcohol intake. Violating any complex probation component risks re-incarceration and further penalties.

Felony Record Impact

Aggravated DUI enters your history as a felony, which diminishes future opportunities extensively - from housing and jobs to qualifying for loans or immigration status. Certain licensed professions also prohibit licensing for felony offenders. This black mark stays on the public record permanently, limiting prospects for 10+ years or longer. Felony records also influence child custody rights, gun ownership, and volunteering eligibility.

Contact an Orland Park, IL, DUI Lawyer

Given the extreme consequences ahead with an aggravated DUI conviction, creating an aggressive defense alongside an experienced DUI attorney gives you the best odds. There are strategic options around challenging how BAC evidence was gathered, doubting the accuracy of results, or scrutinizing the arrest’s propriety. A Will County, IL, DUI attorney can help you identify grounds potentially invalidating allegations entirely or earning charge reductions. While there is no guarantee, you should not settle without exploring dismissal chances first. Call Fotopoulos Law Office at 708-942-8400 for a free consultation.

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