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Tinley Park Juvenile Crime Defense Attorney

Tinley Park Juvenile Law Attorney

Seasoned Lawyer Protecting the Futures of Juveniles in Oak Lawn, Orland Park, and the Northern Suburbs

Parents often underestimate the impact that a juvenile crime conviction can have on their child's life. In fact, many are caught off-guard when they learn that the consequences for children are not always short-lived or even less severe than the ones experienced by adults. At the Fotopoulos Law Office, we ensure juveniles and their parents understand what is at stake. Dedicated to protecting the lives and futures of children and teens, our attorney will aggressively represent your child in their juvenile criminal case.

Consequences of a Juvenile Conviction

Despite the common misconception that juveniles are treated less harshly than adults, there are many potentially lasting consequences that a convicted (adjudicated) juvenile may face. If, for example, your teen is adjudicated for underage driving under the influence (DUI), their license could be suspended for up to two years. Because Illinois is a zero tolerance state, this could happen, even if they only had a trace amount of alcohol in their system. Juvenile offenders are often barred from government positions, law enforcement positions, and the armed forces. Your child may even have to disclose their criminal record when applying for college.

Juveniles who are adjudicated for certain sexual assault offenses are especially at risk. Most are required to submit a DNA sample, which is placed in the state's DNA database. They may also be required to register with the Illinois sex offender database. This consequence, which could last anywhere from 10 years to the rest of their life, creates a social stigma that will follow them everywhere they go. Every time they move into a new area, their neighbors will be notified. Landlords and employers, who can access the database, may deny them housing and employment. Entire communities could treat them with disgust without ever knowing the true nature of the situation.

Our attorney strives to protect youths from these, and many other lifelong consequences. We recognize that recidivism (committing a subsequent offense) is especially low for juveniles, particularly for those who receive support and proper treatment. Therefore, we feel it is unjust to severely punish them for their mistakes. We strongly believe that teens should have the chance to pursue a healthy and productive future, and we will do everything in our power to ensure they have the opportunity to do so.

Aggressive Orland Park Juvenile Defense Lawyer

If your child's future is at risk, the Fotopoulos Law Office can help. Dedicated to protecting the rights of the next generation, we will aggressively represent your child at every turn. No matter what the situation, our attorney will proactively pursue the most favorable outcome possible. Contact us at 708-942-8400 today to schedule your consultation. We assist clients throughout Orland Park, Tinley Park, Burbank, Oak Lawn, Homer Glen, Mokena, Bedford Park, Palos Heights, and the southern Chicago suburbs.

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