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What Should I do if I am Falsely Accused of Domestic Violence? Can I Pursue a Workers’ Compensation Claim if I Get Sick While on the Job? Pursuing Compensation for a Brain Injury After an Illinois Car Accident Five Common Factors That Could Affect the Severity of Your Criminal Charges Can I Face DUI Charges Even if My BAC Was Below the Legal Limit? What are Some Common Injuries After an Illinois Motorcycle Accident? What Constitutes a Disorderly Conduct Charge in Illinois? How can I Tell if I got Whiplash From My Illinois Car Accident? When is an Illinois DUI Charged as a Felony? Understanding Common Causes for Car Accidents in the United States How is Permanent Partial Disability Workers’ Compensation Calculated in Illinois? What are My Rights If I am Pulled Over During an Illinois Traffic Stop? What are My Options for Driving After an Illinois DUI Arrest? Understanding Marijuana DUI Charges in Illinois What to Do if in a Car Accident With an Uninsured or Underinsured Driver? How Does The use of Weapons Change Illinois Assault and Battery Charges? What is the Difference Between Burglary, Theft, and Robbery? Understanding Personal Injury Claims for Catastrophic Injuries Important Things You Should Know About Carrying a Concealed Weapon in Illinois How do Consequences Change for DUI if There is a Child in the Vehicle? Can I File a Lawsuit if I get Sick from Eating a Food Product? Three Things You Should Know About Your Miranda Rights Three Ways You can Help Prevent a Dangerous Winter Car Accident Understanding Illinois Hate Crimes and Their Consequences Illinois Industries With the Highest Number of Non-Fatal Injuries Can I File a Malpractice Lawsuit Against My Doctor for a Misdiagnosis? Do not get Caught Driving With a Suspended or Revoked License Pursuing Compensation After an Illinois Car Accident Involving a Drunk Driver Common Causes of Trips, Slips, and Falls in the Workplace Dealing With Instances of Juvenile Retail Theft in Illinois Dealing With the Fallout from a Probation Violation in Illinois What is Comparative Negligence in an Illinois Car Accident Case? What is Reckless Driving and What are the Penalties for it in Illinois? What Disability Benefits are Provided by Illinois Workers’ Compensation? Can a Nursing Home be Held Responsible for a Slip and Fall Accident? Defending Against DUI Charges in Illinois Understanding Illinois Reckless Driving Charges Claiming Compensation When a Loved Dies due to Negligence What You Should Know About Illinois’ New Recreational Marijuana Laws Frequently Asked Questions About Illinois Workers’ Compensation What Makes an Illinois DUI Charge an Aggravated DUI? How to Prevent Four Medical Errors That Can Cause Serious Injuries or Death Exploring Illinois DUI and Statutory Summary Suspensions What Types of Evidence Should I Gather After an Illinois Car Accident? What are the Elements of a Medical Malpractice Claim in Illinois? Types of Workers’ Compensation Benefits in Illinois When Can a Juvenile Criminal Case Be Transferred to Adult Court? Warning Signs of Nursing Home Neglect or Abuse Teenage DUI: Zero Tolerance Laws in Illinois 5 Steps to Take When You are Injured on the Job in Illinois 4 Things to Be Aware of Before Filing a Medical Malpractice Case Appeals Court Ruling Allows Lawsuit Against Uber to Go Forward Understanding the Importance of Probable Cause in DUI Defense Cases Car Safety Features Can Cause Injuries in a Collision Congratulations to Vincent Cornelius, Newly Elected Will County Circuit Court Judge Claiming Medical Malpractice When You Have Been Misdiagnosed The Difference Between Assault and Battery in Illinois Alcohol and Minors: Never a Good Mix in Illinois Can the State's Attorney Conduct a Traffic Stop and Search Your Car for Drugs? Can a Prosecutor Call Me a “Criminal” in Front of the Jury? Understanding Field Sobriety Tests During Illinois DUI Stops Tips Everyone can Follow to Help Prevent Pedestrian Accidents How Police Excessive Force Can Lead to Criminal Charges Against the Victim Can the Type of House You Live in Affect Your Constitutional Rights? How the “Presumption of Innocence” Helps You in a Criminal Trial Understanding the Construction Industry’s ‘Fatal Four’ Accidents Can I Own a Gun in Illinois if I Have Prior Felony Convictions? What are Common Defenses to Robbery Charges in Illinois? How to Determine Negligence in a Car Accident Injury Case What Does the Right to a “Speedy Trial” Mean in Illinois? How Failing a Field Sobriety Test Can Lead to a DUI Charge Exploring Illinois' Workers' Compensation Death Benefits How is DUI Different When it Involves Marijuana? Do Illinois Police Know the Difference Between a Diabetic and a Drug User? Can I be Convicted of a Drug Crime Even if I Have no Drugs on Me? Can a Tattoo Prove Your Innocence on Drug Charges? Tips to Help Avoid a Motorcycle Accident in Illinois Defending Against Assault and Battery Charges: Claiming Self Defense Can a Drug Conviction be Used Against Me in a Future Case? Exploring Juvenile Diversion Programs in Illinois Speeding in Illinois can Become More Than Just a Ticket Should I Allow the Police to Search My Car Without a Warrant? How can an Illinois Order of Protection Affect Me? How Do I get my Driver's License Back Following a DUI Arrest? When Can the Police “Stop and Frisk” You? Can What I Said Years ago be Used Against Me in a Sex Crimes Case? Can a “Consensual” Encounter With Police Lead to a DUI Charge? Can I Get a DUI for Taking Prescription Drugs? Can an Accuser Stop Me From Proving My Innocence? Can My Doctor File a Medical Lien Against My Personal Injury Settlement? How a “Structural Error” can Render a Criminal Trial Unconstitutional When is an Illinois Doctor Liable for Failing to get a Patient's “Informed Consent”? How the “Surveillance Location Privilege” can Compromise a Criminal Defendant's Rights Can the Police Handcuff You Without “Arresting” You? Can a Dog Owner be Liable for a Motorcycle Accident? DUI Arrests: What to Expect When You are Presented with a Breathalyzer Test Five Steps You Should Take After You are Injured at Work Exploring Charges and Penalties For Crimes Involving Fake IDs in Illinois What You Should do if Your Teen has Gotten Into a Car Accident Can I Refuse to Take a Chemical Test if I am Pulled Over for DUI in Illinois? DUI FAQs
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John Fotopoulos is a very knowledgeable and professional attorney. I am a client and have referred him many close friends and family to John. I would recommend John Fotopoulos to anyone who needs help with personal Injury and criminal justice. I have know John Fotopoulos for over 15 years and he has always put his clients first. Colette G.
John is one in the most professional attorneys out there. His personal approach to his clients is amazing. He does whats best for you, even if its not what you want to hear. This approach and his availability to be reached whenever you need him, makes John the only attorney youll ever need. Mark
John is very dedicated to his clients and his work. He is extremely knowledgeable, responsive and thorough. It is hard to find a lawyer that you can trust and depend on, John is that lawyer. He goes above and beyond to make the most difficult times less difficult. Kris T.